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In n and m s c a u u and m and p r o k l a d a m and fo r g p y and d. Signs

in n and m s c a u u and m and p r o k l a d a m and fo r g p y and d.Signs lactostasis:and u n y n e s c a t i n y l o n t e n e n h e r m o m THEOREM Sheka W o l e e t e r a d o f n and y ra n s and at about z m F o n o b l e s o n e n n o f n and p p r k o n o with in e n andm o w n o m e s t and t s e n d o n o r o d y n w o to p and to have a g p y q and p to p and about with n n e to and to otal-L and W o y h a s t to a,in about a n o m and h e r a m e n t of in g p y and d ra y e a u t i b l e s o n e n n o s t s

Toddlers lose

Toddlers lose significant number heat namely in the area of the neck and head , so these of body in winter must protect particularlycarefully

Milk proteins

Now be patient, because I'll sing an ode to milk (pardon my delight and smile).We are with you - mammals

From crown to foot. Just

When my mom brought me meatballs, rice, vegetable soup, I knew what this happiness that not necessary cook itself! Let relatives clean your apartment

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And, of course, the king of all vegetable oils is considered to be an olive

When headache

The most common and frequent ailments causing crying baby include abdominal pain (colic), teething pain, headache (so-called grudnichkovye migraine) and increased sensitivity of the skin when it is irritated, occurrence of diaper rash, diaper dermatitis.Other causes of anxietyHeadache or migraine grudnichkovye, occurs most often in infants with perinatal encephalopathy syndrome (PEP), including increased intracranial pressure, increase or decrease in muscle tone, increased excitability

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Woman, therefore in the second week of his stay insanatorium became a drop in the cocktail - bar a redheadednurse with blue eyes

Pear diet 81 dried

Pear diet81 dried pear pour dry red wine so that the pears were slightly covered, and insist 10 days in a warm light place.Treatment of conduct as follows:th d e n s - with b e s t s 1 g p y w y y t r o m;th d e n s - e a s t s 1 g p y w y y t r o m 1 and n e r e d o b e d o m;th d e n s - with b e s t s 1 g p y w y y t r o m 1 n e r e d o b e d o m and 1 x and y n o m;th d e n s - with b e s t s p r o p y 2 w and y t r o m n e r e d o b e d o m and w and y n o m;th d e n s - a b c e a t s p r o p y 2 w and y t r o m and p e r c e of b e d o m, 1 g p y w y p e r c e w and y n o m;6 - day - eat 2 pears morning, before lunch and before dinner;th d e n s - with b e s t s 3 g p y w and y t r o m and n of 2 n e r e d o b e d o m and w and y n o m;th d e n s - with b e d a s t o n g r y 3 w and y t r o m and p e r c e of b e d o m, 2 g p y and w

If a baby

Requests up until he did not respond properly toall previous issues

Ironed diaper

Bathing - Mandatory each day

Never assume that

Never assume that you are unhappy, and life -nonsense, just because you do not close a guymen husband

Plan pregnancy image

Plan pregnancy imageSo, consider how it is desirable to prepare for pregnancy.At about z r a s t i l d b e r e m e n n o s t and p and m to x and n o p m s - t about 19 g of 35 l e t

Edited and published

n and h and n and e t i with in s with about t s o n d o d o m e t r a n e o t o m y e s l and s p r o s t o s a b r a n and b n a s t about l, h t about s p a r e in s and t s h a n e and i s and t about to have a g e s "n and s in a t e o ");Mr

Awoke from what someone's hands

Five minutes passed and can consciousness is shut down, I fell asleepquickly and firmly

Doctor determines

In hypovitaminosis vitamin B9 doctor may prescribe it further (tablets)

Test the physical

cheat, your child is able to control your mochevoy bubble and ready to learn

Yourself and bring

yourself and bring them to the attention of the doctor.It is important that this phenomenon was observed as early as possible in order to successfully deal with it.Be on your guard after the 20th week of pregnancy if:s and n e e l s in th n a b r a l and about l to about 400 g of a and e in;and y in a n e m n o r o t e c o l and r and n o;and y in a n o s a l o c and b with d and l n e n o with p and n e n th with b s h o n s m, and n and y m e n s h i n a and b r a n s and n and m e w d u

That's why eyes are now open

Fetal brain to develop strong ties with the adrenal cortex

W and n and m n s o n s s in e x and e - 2.1; I s to s g on a train

w and n and m n s o n s s in e x and e - 2.1;I s to s g on a train and I th - 1.98;F O R E L - 1.82;with e m e n and n on e with o n e l h H and a - 1.4;with e l s d s t x and on about to e and n with k and I - 1.35;m and a p l e s - 1.33;s with p p of k = o p - 1.16;s with p a m a m b e r - 1.0;to e and t s in g e and I - 1.0;a and p and q, and n - 1.0;with a b u m p and I - 0.85;t e l i n t and a - 0.95;THEOREM x and g r e n c and f - 0.9;

Distinctly performs

distinctly performs all on it incumbent, without reminders; necessarily attract husband to Laying baby

Better to eat more

you can take any medications (fromallergy, heart disease, kidney ...) Inoccurrence of headache situation is different! Its notjust possible, and must be removed! Therefore, onceneed to take painkillers

You can already

Familiar set of symptoms I have and I will not mention - you have them probably already memorized remember.Belly grows, baby abdominal sports

At work, she always

Frankly about childbirthMiracles do happenarguing that it needs to be done

When I was going

family holiday, and said: "We did not expect thattoday at a wedding a walk! "I wanted the toilet to pee, and CyrilI accompanied her to the women's room

Name Head not very

Name Head not very exactly

After childbirth, alas, you're not that

You may experience fatigue - physical and mental, frequent mood swings, tearfulness, drowsiness, and sleep disorders.Yet scientists say that you umneet: about 10% increases your IQ

A n i; f and h and h e lis h t r y a n d e l o w e n a l e d o c a s t a r a r y s a p r o m e and m and n, and n; and s b e d a s t p r e and m and n and n, and in s e n o n e f in THEOREM

a n i;f and h and h e lis h t r y a n d e l o w e n a l e d o c a s t a r a r y s a p r o m e and m and n, and n;and s b e d a s t p r e and m and n and n, and in s e n o n e f in THEOREM I;p r o d o w l and t l e s n o s t s h n o n o r o m n and d o w n l a b s t s d o s t a t o h n o th;n e l s i s h a n u t s i n with a p r i n g e n s m and n t e l l e c t u a l s n s m t r y d o m p e r e d with a m s m a n o m.Should avoid physical strain, that is not to overload yourself in heavy physical work, requiring considerable effort, repeated bending of the trunk, as well as being in an uncomfortable position for a long time

Linen not iron, nor his, nor children; time

linen not iron, nor his, nor children; time in week to failure to score the fridge to not have to run for products each day (optimal if it is do husband or relatives); all things put on their space (to not spend time on search and not create chaos that much effort on nerves); certain activity perform advance (sterilization of bottles, teats, training clothes to walk reupload hygiene supplies) so that not do this in Currently, when baby crying, and under hand nothing No; describe the husband of his household duties, to discuss what he

We're child

ka, a nanny or a kindergarten teacher

Because foods rich

and in the n o d u d - 255;b a l a n a g a s - 238;with R and T - 220;a n e l s s s and n - 197;s with p r about to F O R - 180;g p y and w - 155.On what and how to eat a woman during pregnancy, depends not only on the health of the unborn child, but her emotional and even during childbirth.Because foods rich in potassium, and quite a lot of data is publicly available, the lack of this macronutrient noted rarely

Gently rub the or stroking

On the shoulder of her mother

Very useful for nursing

helps, it does exclude it from the diet

Many of the buildings

values, called "torpedoes" grapes "LadyTom Thumb

If they have vitamin

Read the instructions carefully

The water temperature

When doing water aerobics you manage relieve discomfort

I was offered to change

main division of my company was inanother city, and then the medical insurance policy was from out of town)passport book pregnant

After a period of thirty

calmed down and decided that we should give birth to herself,no caesarean!Eighteen months later I was at home most of the day Ilying on the couch, embroidered or slept afterprepare a delicious dinner for her husband and mother

He himself went

to time in the evening, all the family members asked Mickey,ok if his underwear

E name Sasha. She graduated

have a good sleep! ""I'm pregnant! I can not drink these pills! "-I replied.Thank God, after three days and was discharged e steel chamberfill young girls and women who want to give birth,that is trapped on conservation.The people of this time was surprisingly unpleasant

Magnesium is necessary

For this reason, the amount of phosphorus entering likely you better cut out (and this applies not only to the period of pregnancy)

G of I d in g th - 4.7; to p at p and g p h e n e c a I - 4.3; b a r a n n a - 3.8; x l e b n w h e n n s y - 3.6; m o s r and g on in and I'll s - 3,0; to A L m and p - 2.54; t r e i s a - 2.3; C. and n and n a - 2.2; f and from

g of I d in g th - 4.7;to p at p and g p h e n e c a I - 4.3;b a r a n n a - 3.8;x l e b n w h e n n s y - 3.6;m o s r and g on in and I'll s - 3,0;to A L m and p - 2.54;t r e i s a - 2.3;C

For "Schoch" had no plans

can peck and peck

In liver cells, muscle, uterus

The physician should appoint agents containing iron, and you should add to the diet meat and liver.Increase in volume adrenals

Lubricate the prepared

IngredientsIngredients: 3-4 slices of rye bread, 100 grams of butter, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, salt to taste.Method of preparationWhip butter with parsley and salt

For me was scary

zero street, in the building - a maximum of eight plus

S and n e c a n k and to a p t o f e l s n and I with

s and n e c a n k and to a p t o f e l s n and I with r r & b and m and - 200 g;x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;to and from the E L - 200 m l.Snack: apple green - 1 pc

This can be determined

At a serious disadvantage protein foods may indicate the following features:- Failure to thrive for weeks and months;- Hemoglobin levels above 120 g / l in II and III trimester

This condition

In most cases, the first pregnancy in Rh-negative women (in the absence of allergies in the past) proceeds without complications

We found many

doctor came, which led our ward, she took thiswoman giving birth in the maternity ward.We were alone with Lina m large house, but weit was not boring


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