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S and n e c a n k and to a p t o f e l s n and I with

s and n e c a n k and to a p t o f e l s n and I with r r & b and m and - 200 g;

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;

to and from the E L - 200 m l.

Snack: apple green - 1 pc. Dinner:

and to w and w n e n h n and I - 200 g;

to about t l e t a (f a r w r on in and I'll show u, x b l e m o l o to o p e n t h a s d l y k) - 200 g;

e to f and p - 100 m l;

h and d t r i and n of th - 200 m l.

W e t e r in g

1st breakfast:

- Salad "Greek" (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green

dill, cheese, vegetable oil) - 200 g;

x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;

to o ^ e - 150 m l.

2nd breakfast:

to a r t o f e l s o t c a n o p y with m O il m - 200 g;

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This can be determined

At a serious disadvantage protein foods may indicate the following features:

- Failure to thrive for weeks and months;

- Hemoglobin levels above 120 g / l in II and III trimester. This may occur due to a decrease in blood volume;

- Intrauterine development. This can be determined by ultrasound, as well as an easier way - a systematic measurement of fundal height;

n of a s w n e a r t e r and A L otal d and l e n i;

on t e k and;

- Liver failure, manifested in the increased production of liver enzymes;

- Violation of the kidneys;

Proteins are especially needed for women who have marked the lowest blood clotting.

- The development of dangerous complications of pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia and eclampsia (these pathological conditions will be explained in detail below).

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This condition

In most cases, the first pregnancy in Rh-negative women (in the absence of allergies in the past) proceeds without complications. Risk of Rh sensitization increases in subsequent pregnancies. Getting into the bloodstream of the fetus, Rh antibodies destroy its red blood cells, causing anemia (decreased hemoglobin), toxicity, disruption of the vital organs and systems. This condition is called hemolytic disease (hemolysis - destruction of red blood cells) and can lead to fetal death.

The most important thing in dealing with Rhesus-conflict - prevention. Identify the blood group and Rh factor preferably before pregnancy. Regular monitoring of pregnant women in specialized centers allows you to choose the optimal timing and method of delivery.

Guarantee a healthy baby in an Rh-negative woman is the preservation of the first pregnancy.

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We found many

doctor came, which led our ward, she took this

woman giving birth in the maternity ward.

We were alone with Lina m large house, but we

it was not boring. We found many common themes for

conversation. I noticed that she Sun time

turning to me, wanted to ask something, but not

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

solved. And then, apparently, the courage, asked

Your question: "Vic, I will soon give birth, and I have a problem about

which is a shame who say ... "There was a slight

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