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I was offered to change

main division of my company was in

another city, and then the medical insurance policy was from out of town)

passport book pregnant. I was offered to change into

bathrobe and slippers, bags with things to take away from her husband and his

send to work, as his assistance is no longer

needed. I took my bags with things I husband

hugged tightly and kissed her, told me not to worry and

then reported what the Chamber and what obstanovochka.

Paper fills much more than forty minutes spent on it

Case: all sorts of profiles, have written a bunch of tests, started

card .... During this time, I was offered to go to the toilet,

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After a period of thirty

calmed down and decided that we should give birth to herself,

no caesarean!

Eighteen months later I was at home most of the day I

lying on the couch, embroidered or slept after

prepare a delicious dinner for her husband and mother. After a period of

thirty six weeks, I began to behave more flexibly. I

read about it a lot of articles on the Internet that it is necessary and

exercises to do, and sweeping, and more go to

well give birth. The main thing - do not look high, that is, even

if there is a strong desire to hang curtains, never

do it yourself! Ask her husband, mother, girlfriend, etc., who

anything but the most necessary to climb, not to injure

itself and not to harm their child. Even met

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He himself went

to time in the evening, all the family members asked Mickey,

ok if his underwear. He himself went on the pot is not

How many times after the training ended.

Mrs. James asked not to praise him home

for this, but pay attention to the fact that it remains

dry. She had to son received praise

and approval for what it dry panties and not for

that he goes to pot.

Mom checked panties Mickey again before

bedtime. Deciding not to wear his diaper, she used

Call and training pant underneath

sheet oilcloth. Knowing that night diaper Nitsche

nd not spoil, it nonetheless, like all

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E name Sasha. She graduated

have a good sleep! "

"I'm pregnant! I can not drink these pills! "-

I replied.

Thank God, after three days and was discharged e steel chamber

fill young girls and women who want to give birth,

that is trapped on conservation.

The people of this time was surprisingly unpleasant. On

left the bed by the window put a Woman with sixteen

weeks of pregnancy so big idiot that

would be my will, so to give birth not allowed. E name

Sasha. She graduated seven classes in school, do not have the certificate

Frankly about childbirth

Miracles do happen

like was not. "Why should I learn? The seller can

work without education. I bought a degree in Accounting and

OK! "First time I met so

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Magnesium is necessary

For this reason, the amount of phosphorus entering likely you better cut out (and this applies not only to the period of pregnancy). Try not to eat the finished meat and fish products - buy instead of sausage meat and sausages usual. Avoid powdered drinks: milk, cream, cocoa, instant coffee. Do not drink sweet drinks.

Magnesium is necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system and continue with the pregnancy, as it reduces the tone of the uterus. Important for a child's growth and formation of muscle activity.

Found in nuts, marine products, buckwheat, dark green leafy vegetables.

Daily requirement - 0.3-0.5 g risk of overdose is not installed.

Iron is essential for the formation of hemoglobin. Your kid, among other, more stores in your liver a bit of iron, so that after birth could use it - in breast milk is not quite enough of this trace element.

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