After childbirth, alas, you're not that

You may experience fatigue - physical and mental, frequent mood swings, tearfulness, drowsiness, and sleep disorders.

Yet scientists say that you umneet: about 10% increases your IQ. But if you're taking advantage of this, we decided to write a Ph.D. or doctorate hurry: you should finish it before the birth. After childbirth, alas, you're not that poglupeete, but your thoughts (and even unconscious) will be almost entirely occupied by one small but very important creature.

Spinal cord excitability increases with pregnancy - he prepares to manage delivery and prepares the uterus: it increases the number of receptors, which thus become more sensitive.

The changes in the endocrine system and metabolism. From the first days of pregnancy in the ovary is active so-called corpus luteum, which produces the hormone progesterone, a progestational. Then it functions to allocate progesterone takes over the placenta and corpus luteum slowly dissolves.

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A n i; f and h and h e lis h t r y a n d e l o w e n a l e d o c a s t a r a r y s a p r o m e and m and n, and n; and s b e d a s t p r e and m and n and n, and in s e n o n e f in THEOREM

a n i;

f and h and h e lis h t r y a n d e l o w e n a l e d o c a s t a r a r y s a p r o m e and m and n, and n;

and s b e d a s t p r e and m and n and n, and in s e n o n e f in THEOREM I;

p r o d o w l and t l e s n o s t s h n o n o r o m n and d o w n l a b s t s d o s t a t o h n o th;

n e l s i s h a n u t s i n with a p r i n g e n s m and n t e l l e c t u a l s n s m t r y d o m p e r e d with a m s m

a n o m.

Should avoid physical strain, that is not to overload yourself in heavy physical work, requiring considerable effort, repeated bending of the trunk, as well as being in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Such loads are contraindicated for pregnant women and can cause serious disturbances in the development of the fetus and even cause premature birth or miscarriage.

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Linen not iron, nor his, nor children; time

linen not iron, nor his, nor children;

time in week to failure to score the fridge to not have to run for products each day (optimal if it is do husband or relatives);

all things put on their space (to not spend time on search

and not create chaos that much effort on nerves);

certain activity perform advance (sterilization of bottles, teats, training clothes to walk reupload hygiene supplies) so that not do this in Currently, when baby crying, and under hand nothing No;

describe the husband of his household duties, to discuss what he

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We're child

ka, a nanny or a kindergarten teacher. Most chapters

tion - the most conscientiously approach the process

Su training.

Previous attempts to

Before applying our method should not be

resort to traditional methods of learning. We're

child may form a negative attitude

tion to walking alone on the pot if

he was not able to master this skill. Therefore, training

tion may take much longer than one

day. If you still were unsuccessful attempts,

training will let the one who had not been for

act in this process, say the child's father

or family friend.

Health Problems

Some children are not able to control

processes of urination and defecation. If you are

assumed that your child has any problems,

which may affect his ability to teach

smiling potty, consult a doctor. Читать полностью -->

Because foods rich

and in the n o d u d - 255;

b a l a n a g a s - 238;

with R and T - 220;

a n e l s s s and n - 197;

s with p r about to F O R - 180;

g p y and w - 155.

On what and how to eat a woman during pregnancy, depends not only on the health of the unborn child, but her emotional and even during childbirth.

Because foods rich in potassium, and quite a lot of data is publicly available, the lack of this macronutrient noted rarely. Yet in some cases it is possible, especially in the

If a pregnant woman and her strong toxicosis very little to eat.

The main sign that the body lacks potassium is extracted from the table and I (arrhythmia), dizziness and a sharp drop in blood pressure. In addition, pregnant develops muscular dystrophy. You may also experience irritability, disturbance of the nervous system, manifested in the weakening of reflexes and speed of mental activity. And marked abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract: loss of appetite may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

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