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Test the physical

cheat, your child is able to control your mo

chevoy bubble and ready to learn. Negative

answer to the third question is not an obstacle

to develop a new skill, because not all children

demonstrate their desire to urinate.

Test the physical development

) Well if the child developed small motorized

Single: whether he is able to take over the items?

) Can it be moved from room to com

natural numbers without assistance?

If yes, then your baby is developed enough physical

cally and ready to learn.

Child shows her mother, he can do it,

she tells him

Test the ability to follow instructions

To determine whether the child can follow Islands

PWM instructions and whether he understands them, ask him

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Yourself and bring

yourself and bring them to the attention of the doctor.

It is important that this phenomenon was observed as early as possible in order to successfully deal with it.

Be on your guard after the 20th week of pregnancy if:

s and n e e l s in th n a b r a l and about l to about 400 g of a and e in;

and y in a n e m n o r o t e c o l and r and n o;

and y in a n o s a l o c and b with d and l n e n o with p and n e n th with b s h o n s m, and n and y m e n s h i n a and b r a n s and n and m e w d u

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That's why eyes are now open

Fetal brain to develop strong ties with the adrenal cortex. Pituitary begins to mature: it now independently produces growth hormone.

25-26th week. Fruit weighs 700-750 g muscle mass build up, elongates and prochneet skeleton. Continuing changes in the lungs.

When you start 27 week baby has ever developed enough to blink at regular intervals. The baby's face is fully developed, except cheeks that have not yet acquired the bulk infant. That's why eyes are now open and flashing seems somewhat bulging.

Creative Activity

During pregnancy, you suddenly start to perceive the world around "new" eyes - it turns out, there are so many pregnant women, mothers with strollers, children's shops ...

Do not miss a chance to discover a wizard! During this period, the pregnant woman is at the crest of creative activity. Читать полностью -->

W and n and m n s o n s s in e x and e - 2.1; I s to s g on a train

w and n and m n s o n s s in e x and e - 2.1;

I s to s g on a train and I th - 1.98;

F O R E L - 1.82;

with e m e n and n on e with o n e l h H and a - 1.4;

with e l s d s t x and on about to e and n with k and I - 1.35;

m and a p l e s - 1.33;

s with p p of k = o p - 1.16;

s with p a m a m b e r - 1.0;

to e and t s in g e and I - 1.0;

a and p and q, and n - 1.0;

with a b u m p and I - 0.85;

t e l i n t and a - 0.95;

THEOREM x and g r e n c and f - 0.9;

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Distinctly performs

distinctly performs all on it incumbent, without reminders;

necessarily attract husband to Laying baby. In Ideally

he should be able to lull his own;

in time Sleep child do only those things that can not be do with thereto;

wash in "Fast" mode;

cook for 2-3 days;

buy to cooking frozen vegetables, sliced ??meat, ready beef, ready dough and t. g.;

send relatives walk with child minimum 2 hours

in this time conduct general cleaning;

remove small things "On the road ": go from rooms on the kitchen,

saw the abandoned thing - cleaned logged in bathroom, saw that ended toilet paper - replaced and t. g.;

if not have time to go on shopping - order delivery

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