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Never assume that

Never assume that you are unhappy, and life -

nonsense, just because you do not close a guy

men husband. Happiness - it's a state of mind, and life

becomes beautiful and bright only when you yourself

make it so! Do not need to lie on the bed and cry, "Oh, I

so unhappy, I do not need anyone ... "! Do not sit in

window and spit seeds, watching the street, in the expectation that

that "IT" you will find! Similarly, you say, difficult to HIM

will find your street, house and apartment for sure!

Proceed themselves, life is short, time is running out and it is not

reverse! If you do not believe me, spend one

experiment: hang on the wall and a big calendar

every day a line through the previous day. After a

time, you will be terrified, "Damn, and I was already twenty nine! And

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Plan pregnancy image

Plan pregnancy


So, consider how it is desirable to prepare for pregnancy.

At about z r a s t i l d b e r e m e n n o s t and p and m to x and n o p m s - t about 19 g of 35 l e t. E with l and and in a y and e b s and l

to o r e a t-o r o d s t o w e l a t e l e n n e r e r s in in t h e n e n n a - n o l y t o r a l e t.

Remark d in the a - t p and m e a d i ts and about z and h a t i s in p r in g a m p e c o m e n d u e t i o t to and z and t I am about to s t r e a s a n x

n p and s h e c. K p y n e and d and g e n e a c e l o o d s and m and b about l w and I p and s on in and I d about z and with n and p t n o r o n and w with a w t

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Edited and published

n and h and n and e t i with in s with about t s o n d o d o m e t r a n e o t o m y e s l and s p r o s t o s a b r a n and b n a s t about l, h t about s

p a r e in s and t s h a n e and i s and t about to have a g e s "n and s in a t e o ");

Mr. and in p e n d o m p r o and r in g s t o is in

Not every road can be used during pregnancy. Excluded bicycle, motorcycle, horse-drawn carts, horse riding (some experts are allowed to ride a bicycle and horseback, provided, however, that prior to the pregnancy you are actively engaged in these sports).

Totally unacceptable trip unfit for passenger cars and truck bodies.

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Taking care of your teeth. We often hear that pregnancy destroys teeth and for each child, the mother pays one tooth.

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Awoke from what someone's hands

Five minutes passed and can consciousness is shut down, I fell asleep

quickly and firmly. Awoke from what someone's hands as

mites, I dug in and cuddle. It was Vadim.

He smiled at the fact that waking up in the morning, I saw

next to him. I tried to get up quickly, but whatever

was not skinny guy Sun well he's a guy and force him

men. He said: "Wow! Planned to sleep with one,

cuddle with the other! But here's the really wake up to the third

never expected it! Something nice ka-a-aa! "On the bed right

girls continued to laugh and discuss how I

turns, funny nature and any other trip

they take me in the first place without any doubt.

On average bed hoarse, dissatisfied

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Doctor determines

In hypovitaminosis vitamin B9 doctor may prescribe it further (tablets). The drug should be taken 20-30 days. Doctor determines the dose of medication without permission should not exceed it. In overdose may experience increased arousal, indigestion, nausea, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach.

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

This vitamin activates cells of oxygen consumption, so it is especially necessary to prevent fetal hypoxia. It also increases the body's immune defenses and stimulate hematopoiesis. In addition, it helps fight depression, which often occurs in pregnant women, cope with fears, anxiety, improves emotional state as a whole. Читать полностью -->

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