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When headache

The most common and frequent ailments causing crying baby include abdominal pain (colic), teething pain, headache (so-called grudnichkovye migraine) and increased sensitivity of the skin when it is irritated, occurrence of diaper rash, diaper dermatitis.

Other causes of anxiety

Headache or migraine grudnichkovye, occurs most often in infants with perinatal encephalopathy syndrome (PEP), including increased intracranial pressure, increase or decrease in muscle tone, increased excitability. Such children often react to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, changes in the weather. They behave restlessly in windy, rainy, cloudy weather. When headache may occur malaise: nausea, vomiting, upset stomach. In this case, be sure to refer to the person who will pick up the treatment.

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It turned out that

Woman, therefore in the second week of his stay in

sanatorium became a drop in the cocktail - bar a redheaded

nurse with blue eyes. The guy was standing at the bar for hours,

while she poured cocktails wishing Sun something popped and

popped. I have sometimes thought that he was her already heavily

fed up. After some time in the same cocktail - bar

appeared is one more young man with a small child Nkomo.

It turned out that the husband of the nurse, which is sewn l

"Protect" his wife from "invasion of foreigners."

Lounge - bar was a pleasant place: bright room with

a variety of ornamental plants, fancy lamps on

the ceiling in the corner of a large aquarium with clear water,

which swam extremely beautiful fish, red and

h polar and esch strange that constantly

hiding behind the driftwood.

Frankly about childbirth

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Pear diet 81 dried

Pear diet

81 dried pear pour dry red wine so that the pears were slightly covered, and insist 10 days in a warm light place.

Treatment of conduct as follows:

th d e n s - with b e s t s 1 g p y w y y t r o m;

th d e n s - e a s t s 1 g p y w y y t r o m 1 and n e r e d o b e d o m;

th d e n s - with b e s t s 1 g p y w y y t r o m 1 n e r e d o b e d o m and 1 x and y n o m;

th d e n s - with b e s t s p r o p y 2 w and y t r o m n e r e d o b e d o m and w and y n o m;

th d e n s - a b c e a t s p r o p y 2 w and y t r o m and p e r c e of b e d o m, 1 g p y w y

p e r c e w and y n o m;

6 - day - eat 2 pears morning, before lunch and before


th d e n s - with b e s t s 3 g p y w and y t r o m and n of 2 n e r e d o b e d o m and w and y n o m;

th d e n s - with b e d a s t o n g r y 3 w and y t r o m and p e r c e of b e d o m, 2 g p y and w

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If a baby

Requests up until he did not respond properly to

all previous issues. If a baby does not pay attention to you

mania, turn his head so that he looked

you in the eye, call him by name and then for

let question.


The main method of teaching - is verbal

instructions. To be effective, at their

to invest in such a shape that fits

the level of development of speech baby. Below

a few rules that must be followed, form

Lear child verbal instructions.

Call kid named

To give an indication, after a period of silence,

call the child's name - so he will know that

you approach it. Say: "Marty, go to the mountains

shochku "and not" go to potty "and" Go to gorshoch

ku, Marty. "

Are near

Before you voice guidance cut

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Ironed diaper

Bathing - Mandatory each day. This relaxing treatment reduces common voltage, and for account it reduced and intestinal spasms. For more effect one can add in soothing water Herbs (motherwort, peppermint, chamomile and t. g.).

In time themselves attacks: wear child as in paragraph Similarly so same "Frogs" lay its sleep on your (or Dad's) stomach.

Ironed diaper and warm attach to tummy. Alternative - salt Grelochka sold in pharmacies.

Tight swaddle and wear, rocking.

Put in sling, pull close to Breast and wear.

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