In n and m s c a u u and m and p r o k l a d a m and fo r g p y and d. Signs

in n and m s c a u u and m and p r o k l a d a m and fo r g p y and d.

Signs lactostasis:

and u n y n e s c a t i n y l o n t e n e n h e r m o m THEOREM Sheka W o l e e t e r a d o f n and y ra n s and

at about z m F o n o b l e s o n e n n o f n and p p r k o n o with in e n and

m o w n o m e s t and t s e n d o n o r o d y n w o to p and to have a g p y q and p to p and about with n n e to and to otal-L and W o

y h a s t to a,

in about a n o m and h e r a m e n t of in g p y and d ra y e a u t i b l e s o n e n n o s t s. EXAMPLE m e s t n o m

in about a n a l e n and T e m p e r a t u r s m o w e r and n b e s t s.

Lactostasis may appear at any time during feeding. To determine the cause of poor outflow of milk, you need to find out:

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