From crown to foot. Just

When my mom brought me meatballs, rice, vegetable soup, I knew what this happiness that not necessary cook itself!

Let relatives clean your apartment. Wet cleaning every day - it not paranoia of Soviet pediatricians. This is necessary, as a daily shower, from which you get a true pleasure. Cause as after day uniform feeding action - the game - a dream - rocking in her arms, after muscle - the brain fatigue comes the moment cleansing. Stand under water and physically feel how washed daily routine film. Incidentally, there very good exercise: taking a shower, to represent mentally as all the fatigue, negative thoughts, stress washed away with water. From crown to foot. Just go in drain, leaving feeling purity, joy, health ... Finish one can more cool little water is very invigorating. So back to cleaning. It - is same thing as a shower. Not much really requires cleaning the room as a psychological feeling of cleansing occurring after being washed floor. By the way, remove all Carpets from room where live child. And dust less and get out less, and the effect of freshness after cleaning persists longer. Dust can each day not wipe, but wash floors - a must!

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