If a baby

Requests up until he did not respond properly to

all previous issues. If a baby does not pay attention to you

mania, turn his head so that he looked

you in the eye, call him by name and then for

let question.


The main method of teaching - is verbal

instructions. To be effective, at their

to invest in such a shape that fits

the level of development of speech baby. Below

a few rules that must be followed, form

Lear child verbal instructions.

Call kid named

To give an indication, after a period of silence,

call the child's name - so he will know that

you approach it. Say: "Marty, go to the mountains

shochku "and not" go to potty "and" Go to gorshoch

ku, Marty. "

Are near

Before you voice guidance cut

distance between you and the child. Be on the races

standing arm. This proximity will give you impact

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