That's why eyes are now open

Fetal brain to develop strong ties with the adrenal cortex. Pituitary begins to mature: it now independently produces growth hormone.

25-26th week. Fruit weighs 700-750 g muscle mass build up, elongates and prochneet skeleton. Continuing changes in the lungs.

When you start 27 week baby has ever developed enough to blink at regular intervals. The baby's face is fully developed, except cheeks that have not yet acquired the bulk infant. That's why eyes are now open and flashing seems somewhat bulging.

Creative Activity

During pregnancy, you suddenly start to perceive the world around "new" eyes - it turns out, there are so many pregnant women, mothers with strollers, children's shops ...

Do not miss a chance to discover a wizard! During this period, the pregnant woman is at the crest of creative activity. She starts something to sew, knit, or out of the kitchen every man surprising culinary delights, or paints. Those who for years dreamed of the dissertation, and all failed to reach the hands, just a few weeks complete scientific work, without extra voltage and nerves. Moms-student pass without difficulty session. By the way, in the second trimester of pregnancy often reveal themselves in unknown talents.

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