You can already

Familiar set of symptoms I have and I will not mention - you have them probably already memorized remember.

Belly grows, baby abdominal sports. You can already say with confidence that he has periods of sleep and wakefulness. The only pity is that his periods of sleep is not always the same as yours - it can start to move actively and middle of the night.

Occasionally you may experience cramping of the uterus, very short - from 20-30 seconds to a few minutes. Inexperienced woman can take them for the beginning of premature birth.

And how to deal with adversity?

Bladder problems should be solved in advance. Exercises to strengthen it (Kegel exercises) should be initiated as early as possible. This is useful before, during and after pregnancy and has no contraindications. Also, helps to eliminate some of the symptoms of menopause, as well as some sexual problems. It strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, vagina and perineum, including urethral sphincter (the muscle that which "opens and closes the valve," when you're "in the small"). Exercise promotes normal course of childbirth and the postpartum period, the rapid recovery after childbirth. It can be performed anywhere, such as in a chair watching television. Harm from a large hobby Kegel exercise does not happen, but at first, until the muscles are not accustomed to, it is not too practice.

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