After childbirth, alas, you're not that

You may experience fatigue - physical and mental, frequent mood swings, tearfulness, drowsiness, and sleep disorders.

Yet scientists say that you umneet: about 10% increases your IQ. But if you're taking advantage of this, we decided to write a Ph.D. or doctorate hurry: you should finish it before the birth. After childbirth, alas, you're not that poglupeete, but your thoughts (and even unconscious) will be almost entirely occupied by one small but very important creature.

Spinal cord excitability increases with pregnancy - he prepares to manage delivery and prepares the uterus: it increases the number of receptors, which thus become more sensitive.

The changes in the endocrine system and metabolism. From the first days of pregnancy in the ovary is active so-called corpus luteum, which produces the hormone progesterone, a progestational. Then it functions to allocate progesterone takes over the placenta and corpus luteum slowly dissolves.

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