Because foods rich

and in the n o d u d - 255;

b a l a n a g a s - 238;

with R and T - 220;

a n e l s s s and n - 197;

s with p r about to F O R - 180;

g p y and w - 155.

On what and how to eat a woman during pregnancy, depends not only on the health of the unborn child, but her emotional and even during childbirth.

Because foods rich in potassium, and quite a lot of data is publicly available, the lack of this macronutrient noted rarely. Yet in some cases it is possible, especially in the

If a pregnant woman and her strong toxicosis very little to eat.

The main sign that the body lacks potassium is extracted from the table and I (arrhythmia), dizziness and a sharp drop in blood pressure. In addition, pregnant develops muscular dystrophy. You may also experience irritability, disturbance of the nervous system, manifested in the weakening of reflexes and speed of mental activity. And marked abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract: loss of appetite may be nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

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