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Gently rub the or stroking

On the shoulder of her mother. Firmly press the baby to his shoulder, supporting it with one hand under her buttocks and stroking or rubbing his back with the other hand.

Face down on the lap of an adult. Put the baby face down on your knees to the belly lying on one leg, and head to another. Holding it with one hand, rub the pat or another.

A sitting position. Place the child on his knee, bent slightly forward, keeping his chest and armpits. Gently rub the or stroking his back, but be careful that his head suddenly fell back.


Approximately 3-5 days after birth colostric milk replaced more mature. This can cause milk fever. Sometimes this period passes almost unnoticed, as the milk comes gradually. And sometimes appear "stone" chest, painful to the touch, it is impossible to squeeze out of milk, body temperature increased to 38-39 ° C, headache, body aches felt throughout the body.

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