In liver cells, muscle, uterus

The physician should appoint agents containing iron, and you should add to the diet meat and liver.

Increase in volume adrenals. They raise the tone of the uterus just before the birth, and in addition, during pregnancy significantly reduce immunity - especially to the immune system is not perceived as something alien baby body and not try it one way or another to destroy. And it is to blame for the adrenals that you appear dark spots.

Markedly increased metabolism. Accumulate proteins necessary for the child to meet the growing amino acids. In liver cells, muscle, uterus and placenta carbohydrate accumulates glycogen. Accumulate fat. Such original

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way the body tries to protect you from colds (immunity, then lowered). In addition, fats are the building blocks for a child growing cells, and are for you and the baby store of energy in difficult times (the last 10 weeks the baby too much overgrown with fat).

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