For me was scary

zero street, in the building - a maximum of eight plus. But ahead

even in December and January, that's what fear!

My husband and I at that time tried different

ways, as I conceive, learning a few articles in

Internet. And changed the pose in sex, and I kept after him

legs up, so-called "birch" and before sex

tempted to water and baking soda to an acidic environment, which

kills sperm, and became more alkaline, but

nothing helped. For me was scary thought that

I have never in my life have been pregnant, "Maybe I

childless??? "

One mom came home and told me about the wonderful

an event that happened to her daughter, a good friend:

"Imagine, Sveta aunts Wallin pregnant. They Stock

second husband lived for over eight years, and to get pregnant

she could not. "

Svetlana I knew a long time, she studied at the same school,

and that I, just a year later. And I knew that she has a daughter from

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