This can be determined

At a serious disadvantage protein foods may indicate the following features:

- Failure to thrive for weeks and months;

- Hemoglobin levels above 120 g / l in II and III trimester. This may occur due to a decrease in blood volume;

- Intrauterine development. This can be determined by ultrasound, as well as an easier way - a systematic measurement of fundal height;

n of a s w n e a r t e r and A L otal d and l e n i;

on t e k and;

- Liver failure, manifested in the increased production of liver enzymes;

- Violation of the kidneys;

Proteins are especially needed for women who have marked the lowest blood clotting.

- The development of dangerous complications of pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia and eclampsia (these pathological conditions will be explained in detail below).

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