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Signs lactostasis:

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Lactostasis may appear at any time during feeding. To determine the cause of poor outflow of milk, you need to find out:

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Toddlers lose

Toddlers lose significant number heat namely in the area of the neck and head , so these of body in winter must protect particularly

carefully . Best head piece to these goals - knitted hat . Dress under it knitted beanie and Forward!

For cold weather use not socks , and insulated fleece booties . They are much warmer and convenient in Equip .

Not curtain stroller firmly : leave place to access of oxygen .

Very useful to take a walk for half an hour before evening bathing , feeding and t . d ., only not in dark time . Toddler then eats with great appetite and sleep easier . Читать полностью -->

Milk proteins

Now be patient, because I'll sing an ode to milk (pardon my delight and smile).

We are with you - mammals. Milk - our very first food.

Milk proteins contain all the essential amino acids. Without any of these amino acids can not be a person's life.

Milk proteins contain all the essential amino acids. Without any of these amino acids can not be a person's life.

Fat milk - the best known of dietary fat composition, taste and digestibility.

Milk is rich in calcium salts, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, and absorbed from the milk they are better than from cereals, bread or vegetables. Milk contains trace elements, which are the creation of blood required for the thyroid gland.

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From crown to foot. Just

When my mom brought me meatballs, rice, vegetable soup, I knew what this happiness that not necessary cook itself!

Let relatives clean your apartment. Wet cleaning every day - it not paranoia of Soviet pediatricians. This is necessary, as a daily shower, from which you get a true pleasure. Cause as after day uniform feeding action - the game - a dream - rocking in her arms, after muscle - the brain fatigue comes the moment cleansing. Stand under water and physically feel how washed daily routine film. Incidentally, there very good exercise: taking a shower, to represent mentally as all the fatigue, negative thoughts, stress washed away with water. Читать полностью -->

It has a high

And, of course, the king of all vegetable oils is considered to be an olive. It has a high content of polyunsaturated oleic acid and vitamins.

To get 5 grams of essential fatty acids, a person must eat almost a pound of butter or - 31 g of olive! 100 g of olive oil contains 7 mg of vitamin E.

I'm not saying to completely abandon the animal fats in favor of vegetable and I want to draw your attention that lately nutritionists change their negative attitude to the butter. Now their opinion is as follows: butter is better than margarine. Subjected to hydrogenation of vegetable fats margarine now considered less useful than animal fat butter (and note that margarine may be hiding under the guise of "easy oil" or "creamy vegetable oil ").

We can say that butter - it is a concentrate of milk fat very easily absorbed by the body, some of which you will not get fat with either vegetable oils or other fats of animal origin. But, of course, must comply with the measure, otherwise these excess fat settles on your waist.

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